Edify Omnify Symmetry

A holistic health practice providing pre and post-surgical lymphatic massage,
aromatherapy, somatic therapy and Evincible Lifestyle Coaching

Lymphatic Massage

Holistic aromatherapy, lifestyle coaching, and massage are modalities I provide at EOS to help you best help yourself.

Lifestyle Coaching

While working with me you will learn to treasure your body as the first, most valuable child you will ever have.


I believe my healthy present body is my most important resource I possess.

“A holistic approach, inquiring about how I am and what’s going on in my life. Helping me recognize how body, mind, and spirit correlate. These are qualities I expect in a good health care provider…” - Chris B

“I love love love Michelle, she has changed my outlook on life. She has given me the tools that I need to procees ones emotions and get thru life in a less anxiety, truly and gifted wonderful person.” - Daniel H

“…Michelle helped me re-connect to the things I already knew yet neglected for far too long and coached me into understanding how to be within my body (NOW). Not just my head. …” - Justin M.

“Michelle is so knowledgeable, caring and
intuitive. A true healer.” - Meagan D


(415) 971-9373