Services Offered

EOS™ Lymphatic Massage is a marvelous solution for people seeking a holistic complement to pre and post-operative bariatric, dental, oncology, orthopedic, cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures.  Individuals with acute and chronic illness, fertility issues, and weight loss may also benefit greatly from EOS™ Lymphatic Massage sessions. Pure essential oils engage your brain’s limbic system, the seat of emotions, during your EOS™ Lymphatic Massage. Your entire Body is calm and soothed from the holistic effects of EOS™ Lymphatic Massage. The detoxifying, regenerative benefits of EOS Lymphatic Massage™ help your whole Body heal faster.

EOS™ Integrated Bodywork uses combined techniques of aromatherapy, acupressure, deep tissue and Swedish massage to promote optimal healing and wellness for everyone including children, youth, families, seniors, and athletes.

EOS™ Aromatherapy provides in-depth assessment of each client’s needs and goals. Michelle does both corporate trainings in office-safe aromatherapy and personalized consultations services.  All EOS™ Lymphatic Massage, Body work and somatic services include aromatherapy.

The Body Astrology™– Holistic-yet-Realistic™ this dynamic lifestyle coaching methodology is great for families, couples and individual clients to remind them that their beloved Body, above and beyond any technology, is the most important resource they possess. Sessions are individualized and focused on practical self-care tools for use in all aspects of life.

First Time Client/Cancellation/Late Cancel/Running Late/Series Client Policies/Gift Certificates

If you are a first time client, and booking yourself online, you have the option to pay through Pay Pal.  If you’d rather not pay through Pay Pal, Michelle will need your American Express, Discover, Mastercard or Visa credit card information to reserve your appointment.  Please call Michelle at 415-971-9373 if you wish to reserve your first appointment with a credit card.

Please provide Michelle 24 hour notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. If you do not cancel or reschedule 24 hours prior to your appointment your credit card on file will be charged the full amount of your missed service. If appointments are late cancelled (within 4 hours of your appointment time) or you do not show up for a booked service, your credit card will be charged for the full price of your scheduled appointment. No exceptions.

If you are running late and Michelle does not have enough time to complete your service before her next scheduled appointment, she hopes you understand that she is unable to keep other customers waiting and you will need to reschedule your appointment.  Michelle will always make every attempt to accommodate late arrivals up to 15 minutes. Thank you in advance for valuing yourself and your appointment time as well as Michelle’s time.

SERIES CLIENT POLICIES: If you choose to gift session(s) from your Series to someone else, you are more than welcome to do so. If you would like a paper gift certificate to gift session(s) to others, please let Michelle know and she will be happy to accommodate your request. If you are a Series client and do not provide Michelle with a 24 hour notice of your appointment cancellation or reschedule, this will result in a debit of that session from your Series.

Michelle provides paper gift certificates as well as the option for emailed gift certificates. Please contact Michelle at 415-971-9373 and she will be happy to help you.



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