The Body Astrology

Developed in 2012 by Michelle Bravo, The Body Astrology™ is a dynamic lifestyle coaching methodology. Aromatherapy, EOS™ Lymphatic Massage, Bodywork and other somatic services may be part of your coaching sessions.

A lifestyle, as defined by The Body Astrology™ is a style of personality based on guiding values developed during coaching sessions. From the construct of a developed lifestyle personality comes a clear system of discernment to inform and guide your actions, emotions and thoughts. This highly effective framework can provide you with immediately applicable tools for living a richer and more satisfying life.

As a customized invitation to revel in your individuality and wholeness, The Body Astrology™ offers authentic objectivity and inspiration in your personal and professional relationships and can help you and your Body unplug volatile emotions and bring levity to your life.


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